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The CNA Career – Salary And Getting Started

October 11, 2010

nursingThere is nothing better than having a career that has many benefits. We all know that immediately after you are offered a job, the first thing you ask, is what the benefits package is. Having a job that has benefits, such as house allowance and health coverage is good because you will always be at ease knowing you will never sleep outside and in case you are sick you can visit the hospital without high costs. The certified nurse assistant career comes with an attractive salary and also various benefits.

If you want to know, how much does a cna make in your state, you should research online on a site like, to see the average salaries paid. You should know that with a job that offers benefits you will not be forced to use your salary if for instance you get sick and need healthcare. If you are a young person and you are wondering what career to pursue, deciding to become a certified nurse assistant will be a wise decision. If you decide to become a certified nurse assistant get ready to learn a lot and make a great income.

What Are the CNA’s Duties and Responsibilities?

In most health care facilities, cna duties are almost alike and that they are all intended to care for the patient. When a CNA starts his shift in a hospital, he will be informed of the room assignments of his patients. In addition, once the nurses for that shift have been provided by their report from the previous shift, the nurse will meet with the CNA and give them more detailed medical information and explain to them what would be the appropriate care to give to their patients.

All throughout their shift, the CNA will obtain vital signs once in a while and document them on the patient’s chart. They will assist with using the restroom, either using a bedpan or by helping the patient to the bathroom. The CNA may also need to remain with their patients to ensure their safety or when a need arises.

If a patient is diabetic, they may be required to check periodically patient’s sugar levels at the start and end of shift, and they will also be in charge for supervising the meals that are provided for the patient. The CNA must also be alert of food the patient is discouraged to have in case of faults made in the kitchen when preparing their tray. Hospital patients usually require nominal assistance with hygiene, primarily needing their supplies set up for them as they wash themselves, and some patients do require absolute hygiene care. They should also clean a room once the patient has been discharged, providing clean linens and hospital gowns.

How to Find Online CNA Classes

The internet is a great way to find cna classes, both online and for local institutions where you can take these classes. Many are choosing to go the e-learning route because it is so convenient. You are able to work at your own pace and learn from the comfort of home. This really is a great way to become a certified nursing assistant f you are a self starter and you are disciplined enough to complete you assignments.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo make it very easy to fine the type of classes you are looking for. You simply navigate to Google’s main page and type in “cna classes” or alternatively you could also type in “online colleges” to find some reputable institutions. Upon search you will likely find many choices and it is important to do your due diligence to be sure you enroll in a reputable school.