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Ultrasound Technician Jobs – Great Pay And Minimal Training Needed

March 23, 2013

The high paying salary for an ultrasound tech is just one example of an occupation that pays well with minimal training required. Today we are living in a world that has now been heavily influenced by modern technological developments that are becoming part and parcel of modern living.

Many sectors in the medical field have witnessed a huge boost economically as a result of introduction of technology as part of daily procedures. According to popular ultrasound technician blog, the medical industry has also had its fair share of advantages that it has derived from technological transformations one of them being ultrasound technology.

This is a modern form of diagnosis that utilizes modern equipment and tools running on high technological platforms to diagnose illnesses and various medical conditions affecting the body. Ultrasound technicians have witnessed a major boost in terms of technology as machines are coming up each day, this has made this field to be more popular and recognized and those who associated this field with a low ultrasound technician salary are beginning to have a change of mind as they are currently earning very attractive perks.

Ultrasound Technician Salary

Have you ever wondered how much a ultrasound technician makes? Their salary is very profitable if you based and compare it to other jobs. The beginning salary of an ultrasound technician is about $40,000 annually. This is not bad, considering how the economy is today. But it can still grow. If you work hard, the possibility of earning more than double your beginning salary is within your reach. There is a chance that you will eventually earn around $85,000 a year.

This is really something considering the nature of the job of an ultrasound technician. All you have to do is enroll on a course that will help you become an ultrasound technician and pretty soon you will be allowed to start your work. There are many job opportunities in hospitals as well as other facilities like clinics and doctor’s office. You should apply where the place suits you best.

Educational Requirement to Become an Ultrasound Technician

Any individual who is interested in building his career as a sonographer, may train for a year in ultrasound technician schools and earn a certificate for it, or take a 2-year associate’s degree, or finish a 4-year bachelor’s degree. If time and financial resources are an issue, taking one-year training may suffice for a while; however the income may not be maximized.

The study programs are categorized into 3 portions. The first one is the classroom learning where theories are learned. The second one is the laboratory where the student gets to see and touch the machine and so some relevant experiments. The third and last one is the externship. Externships provide opportunities for experiential learning through practical experiences. The students are observed, trained and graded by a visiting doctor or a licensed ultrasound technician.